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Stem Cell Research

Embryo Donation

Donation of Genetically Normal Embryos No Longer Needed For Reproduction

Stem cells derived from genetically normal embryos no longer needed for reproduction are beneficial to countless medical studies; including, but not limited to, unraveling mysteries of early human development, understanding what makes a human embryonic stem cell function properly, advancing innovations in regenerative medicine, and serving as study controls in conjunction with disease-affected human embryonic stem cells in defining cellular causes of specific diseases or testing potential therapeutics.

Researchers at the MStem Cell Laboratories are producing genetically normal human embryonic stem cell lines under the identical laboratory conditions used to produce stem cell lines from disease-affected human embryos. This enables those genetically normal embryonic stem cells to better function as controls in studies using their disease-affected counterparts—reducing the number of variables in these vital studies. Fewer variables contribute to more reliable study outcome data, and more rapid progress on the path to medical breakthroughs.

Downloadable instructions on donating frozen embryos no longer needed for reproduction

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