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Stem Cell Research

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Michigan has huge hopes for tiny stem cells
The Detroit Free Press

A microscopic stem cell may solve many of our biggest health troubles, 11/18/2012
The Detroit Free Press

Stem cells' promise hits funding wall in Michigan, 11/18/2012
The Detroit Free Press

What U-M is working to cure with stem cells, 11/18/2012
The Detroit Free Press

What to do with extra embryos?, 11/18/2012
The Detroit Free Press

New U-M stem cell line looks to tackle Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease

Stem cell research efforts at 'U' continue despite controversy
The Michigan Daily

Are Cancer Stem Cells Ready for Prime Time?
The Scientist

Federal approval of Michigan embryonic stem cell line gives boost to state research
Detroit Free Press

U-M registers first human embryonic stem cell line
The Detroit News

University of Michigan embryonic stem cell line accepted for federal registry

After initial promising results, drugs used to treat breast cancer may not extend human lives after all
Detroit Free Press

Stem Cell Treatment for Eye Diseases Shows Promise
The New York Times

Chimeric monkeys born in stem cell study
USA Today

Stem cell scheme: Alleged plot targeted the terminally ill
Los Angeles Times

Operation marks another step forward in stem cell research

First test of human embryonic stem cell therapy in people discontinued
Washington Post

Doctors offer unapproved stem cell therapies
USA Today

Off-target effects of bans on embryonic stem cell funding

Body attacks lab-made stem cells
Science News

Reprogrammed stem cells have genetic mutations, studies show
Los Angeles Times

Stem cells ride research roller coaster
USA Today

Policy uncertainty hampers stem cell research, study says
Los Angeles Times

Human embryonic stem cells may help older people battle blindness
Los Angeles Times

Regenerating Our Economy With Stem Cells

FDA Approves Second Trial of Stem-Cell Therapy

Stem cells injected into the brain of a stroke patient in world first
The Guardian

U of M study suggests possible cancer treatment may not work for all forms of the disease
Michigan Radio

Cellular 'alchemy' transforms skin into blood
Nature News

The Cancer Sleeper Cell
The New York Times Magazine

Director of University of Michigan cancer center says targeting cancer stem cells is key to patient survival
Crain's Detroit Business

Conference attendees hear stem cell success study with UM connection
Crain's Detroit Business

First patient treated in stem cell study
The Washington Post

A Search for the Cure: How University scientists are defining the field of stem cell research
The Michigan Daily

Court lets stem cell funding continue
The Washington Post

Stem cell research funding called vital
The Washington Post

Scientists are optimistic as appeals court lifts injunction against stem-cell research
The Chronicle of Higher Education

Judge declines to lift stem cell funding ban
The Washington Post

Justice Dept. appeals to restart stem cell research
The Washington Post

First tests for stem cell therapy are near
The Washington Post

Stem cell ruling will be appealed
The New York Times

U.S. to freeze new grants after stem-cell decision
The Wall Street Journal

Skin cells converted to heart muscle cells
Nature News

F.D.A. clears way for embryonic stem cell trial using patients
The New York Times

Stem cell scientists fear election impact
Detroit News

Ten things patients should know when considering a stem cell treatment
Los Angeles Times

World Stem Cell Summit Announces Keynote Speakers and Hot Topics for 2010
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

NIH may allow stem-cell lines from younger embryos

Nature, 02-10-2010

Stem cell alternatives show early aging abnormalities
USA Today, 02-12-2010

Cell multiplication: Universities push stem cell research in state
Crain's Detroit Business, 01-12-2010

Study confirms limits on stem cell research
9/8/2009, Los Angeles Times

Obama’s Stem Cell Guidelines Threaten Research
5/14/2009, Wired Science

Compromise Rules Issued on Embryonic Stem Cells
4/18/2009, The Washington Post

Obama Lifts Bush’s Strict Limits on Stem Cell Research
3/10/2009, The New York Times

F.D.A. approves first embryonic stem cell trial.
1/23/2009, The New York Times

Democrats Debate Methods to End Stem Cell Ban
1/2/2009, The New York Times

Cancer Stem Cells May Not Be the Supervillains We Thought
12/5/2008, Wired Science

Op-Ed: Stem cell research may impact economy
10/26/2008, Traverse City Record-Eagle

Interactive: The creation and study of stem cells
10/20/2008, The Detroit News

State Stem Cell Policies Deserve National Attention
10/15/2008, Science Progress

Stem Cell Politics Shift to Michigan
10/14/2008, Inside Higher Ed

Though University must step lightly, Coleman voices personal support for stem cell proposal
10/13/2008, Michigan Daily

Elections seen as turning point for stem cell studies
10/12/2008, American Medical News

Stem cell initiative’s language called into question
10/9/2008, The Michigan Daily

University forced to toe line on stem cell research
10/7/2008, The Michigan Daily

Proposal 2008-02: Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research
10/2008, Citizens Research Council of Michigan

With initiative on November ballot, scientists talk up potential of embryonic stem cells
9/19/2008, The Michigan Daily

Community gets overview of stem cell initiative
9/19/2008, The Jackson Citizen Patriot

Study: Stem cell research would help Michigan
9/16/2008, The Detroit Free Press

For Stem Cells, a Role on the Battlefield
9/8/2008, The New York Times

Updated guidelines for stem cell research released
9/5/2008, National Academy of Sciences

Despite Breakthroughs, Embryonic Stem Cells Still Needed
8/27/2008, Wired Science

Going From One Cell Type to Another Without Using Stem Cells
8/27/2008, Wired Science

Lawmakers press stem cell measure during Ann Arbor forum
8/8/2008, The Ann Arbor News

Twenty Disease-specific Stem Cell Lines Created
8/8/2008, ScienceDaily

In milestone, scientists create stem cells matched to ALS patients
7/31/2008, The Boston Globe

Gary Gosselin: Get the facts about Michigan's embryonic stem cell proposal
7/17/2008, Oakland Business Review

What the Public Really Wants on Science
7/16/2008, Center for American Progress

Op-Ed: Stem cells likely biggest issue in Nov.
7/13/2008, Traverse City Record-Eagle

Genes that control embryonic stem cell fate identified
7/10/2008, EurekaAlert!

The Life in a Cell
7/2/2008, Newsweek

Stem Cell Division
7/2/2008, Newsweek

The ‘Pro-Cure’ Movement
7/2/2008, Newsweek

What Condition Could Stem Cells Help First?
7/2/2008, Newsweek

Researchers Reprogram Adult Stem Cells in Their Natural Environment
6/30/2008, Newswise

U.S. office upholds embryonic stem cell patents
6/26/2008, JS Online

First stem cell trials might start in O.C.

Cancer Stem Cells Could Cause Tumors, Be Key to Cure
6/16/2008, Wired Scence

Research illuminates how stem cells may work
6/16/2008, San Francisco Chronicle

Forbes Special Report: Stem Cells Get Real
6/16/2008, Forbes

Introduction: Stem cells get real
Fixing Pharma: Stem cells could lead to better, safer drugs
The Ultimate Turn-On: Fighting disease by activating cells in the body
The Key to Cancer: Maybe stem cells are what make tumors so malignant
Cell Factories: Training stem cells to produce what the body is missing
How Stem Cells Could Fight Lou Gehrig's Disease
Q&A With James Thomson: The Man Behind Embryonic Stem Cells
In Pictures: 12 Stem Cell Revolutionaries
In Pictures: Stem Cells Work Medical Magic
New Stem Cell Research Techniques: Silicon Valley firm takes unique approach to fighting cancerous tumors
Paths to a Person: how your body was made and how to do it all over again

Researchers Create Molecule That Nudges Nerve Stem Cells to Mature
6/15/2008, Newswise

We Need a New War on Cancer
6/12/2008, US News and World Report

Guidelines for Translating Stem Cell Therapies from the Lab to the Bedside
6/11/2008, Newswise

Stem Cell Discovery Sheds Light On Placenta Development
6/9/2008, ScienceDaily

Reprogramming Stem Cells with Drugs
6/5/2008, Technology Review

Stem-Cell Research Is Hindered by Federal Policies, Study Finds
6/4/2008, The Chronicle of Higher Education

Human Stem Cell Transplant Helps Brain-Impaired Mice
6/4/2008, US News and World Report

Public Funding Impacts Progress of Embryonic Stem Cell Research
6/4/2008, Newswise

Stem-Cell Research Is Hindered by Federal Policies, Study Finds
6/4/2008, The Chronicle of Higher Education

Human Stem Cell Transplant Helps Brain-Impaired Mice
6/4/2008, US News and World Report

New Insights Into Cellular Reprogramming Revealed by Genomic Analysis
5/27/2008, Newswise

Method To Duplicate Primitive Stem Cells And Prevent Cell Differentiation Discovered
5/22/2008, Science Daily

Bone Cells Found to Influence Blood Stem Cell Replication and Migration
5/22/2008, Newswise

Many Paths, Few Destinations: How Stem Cells Decide What They'll Be
5/21/2008, Newswise

Hybrid Embryo Research Endorsed
5/20/2008, The Washington Post

Denver Post Examines Outlook For Embryonic Stem Cell Research Policy Shift With Next President
5/9/2008, Medical News Today

$271 Million for Research on Stem Cells in California
5/8/2008, New York Times

Army Applies Stem Cell Research to Regrowing Extremities
4/22/2008, Daily Tech

Cancer Stem Cells Created in Lab
4/9/2008, Washington Post

Stem Cell Therapy Controls Diabetes in Mice
2/21/2008, New York Times

Scientist reprogram human skin cells
2/11/2008, Washington Post

Embryonic stem cells create healthy
1/20/2008, Washington Post

Cloning Said to Yield Human Embryos
1/18/2008, New York Times

Researchers Hone in on Cancer Stem
1/16/2008, Washington Post

Team Creates Rat Heart Using Cells
1/14/2008, New York Times

Lab Cites Stem Cell Advance
1/11/2008, Washington Post

A Stem Cell Victory
1/2/2008, U.S.News & World

Scientists Weigh Stem Cells' Role as Cancer Cause
12/21/2007, New York Times

Risk Taking Is in His Genes
12/11/2007, New York Times

Scientists Cure Mice Of Sickle Cell
12/7/2007, Washington Post

Reality Check on an Embryonic Debate
12/3/2007, Newsweek

Standing in the Way of Stem Cell
12/3/2007, Washington Post

Behind the Stem Cell Breakthrough
12/1/2007, New York Times

Stem Cell Vindication
11/30/2007, Washington Post

Stem cell progress
11/28/2007, San Francisco Chron

After Stem-Cell Breakthrough, the Work
11/27/2007, New York Times

Stem-cell developments are not
11/26/2007, Seattle Times

Suddenly, Connecticut Is Stem Cell
11/25/2007, New York Times

Advance May End Stem Cell Debate
11/24/2007, Washington Post

Monkey Embryos Cloned for Stem Cells
11/15/2007, Washington Post

Board Oks $$ to study stem-cells
10/26/2007, Boston Hearld

Going Against Bush, NIH Director
10/17/2007, Washington Post

Let couples help stem-cell research
10/7/2007, Jackson Citizen Patriot

Embryonic Human Stem Cells May Help
8/27/2007, Washington Post

Future of Stem Cell Tests May Hang
7/29/2007, Washington Post